Kourabiedes & Being Greek

Every Christmas going as far back as I can remember, my parents make kourabiedes. Kourabiedes are a delicious, buttery Greek cookie heavily dusted with powdered sugar. A successful kourabiede will melt in your mouth as soon as you take your first bite, a testament to both the amount of butter used in this recipe, as well as your patience in slowly combining your mixture. 

In typical Greek fashion, there are several variations to making kourabiedes. My family likes to put our own spin on this cookie each time we make it, usually by adding slivers of almonds or lemon zest to our dough. And while the recipe calls for freshly squeezed orange juice, most of the time my parents use brandy as a substitute. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I am super proud of my Greek heritage. While most of my family still lives in Greece and I make it a point to travel and stay there as much as I possibly can, most of my life has been spent largely exposed to American culture. Because of this, I often worry that I will not be able to fully pass down the traditions I grew up with to my own children. And if I can't properly pass down a love of Greece and the culture to my children, where will that leave theirs? This is why holding on to traditions, even simple ones like making this Christmas cookie, will always be important to me. 

Maryjane Wheeler